Job openings

23 August 2022

QA Officer

The QA Officer will help develop and safeguard quality strategies, policies, processes and standards in line with Radiomics’ activities by maintaining its certified Quality Management System.

08 April 2022

Project Manager & Statistician

The Project Manager will work along with the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) to make sure to deliver our results in such a way that they bring most value to the client.

28 September 2021

Junior Legal Officer

As the Junior Legal Officer at radiomics, you are responsible for monitoring all legal affairs within the organization. You will handle both internal and external legal concerns and your duties are to monitor the organization legal affairs, ensuring that they remain in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Your role is to provide the executive team with legal advice and recommendations which must be compliant with the law and must also strive to minimize risk for the organization.