Industry & Pharma

Our services specializes in medical image analysis and data mining using a broad spectrum of AI technologies. We extract radiomic features, by mining hidden data embedded in standard medical images, to provide new quantifiable insights going beyond what meets the (naked) eye.
Features can be used alone as sensitive endpoint to quantify pharmacodynamic effects or adverse events impacting the safety of the treatment. Features can be combined to diagnose a specific condition in the patient or to predict the progression of the disease or its response to treatment.
These patented non-invasive approaches help our clients in their decision-making during the clinical drug development trajectory, optimizing investment in treatment and therapy. This in turn results in faster regulatory approval and longer patent protection.
Specialized in oncology and respiratory medicine, our R&D team is constantly working to expand the application of radiomics to other therapeutic areas. is a next-generation imaging CRO providing, along with data quantification and elaboration, meaningful and relevant interpretations by cross-referencing all the evidence collected during the clinical trial.