Radiomics focuses on the detection and phenotypic quantification of solid tumors, including all lesions, nodules and metastasis based on standard-of-care medical images. The analysis provides a list of numerical variables which are linked to size, shape, and composition of afore-mentioned abnormalities. A similar approach can be applied to the surrounding tissues and structures in the organ(s) at risk.

We demonstrated that radiomics quantifications are useful tools in optimizing the clinical drug development trajectory, daily patient management or to generate additional insights in cancer research.
Radiomics analysis can be applied in a pancancer approach using the full scale of medical imaging techniques (CT, MRI, PET, Rx, etc.). So far, Radiomics has gained experience in lung, liver, kidney, head and neck, gastric, brain, prostate, breast, anal and vulvar cancers.

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Radiomics quantifications
Pancancer approach

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