Radiomics is actively working on a pipeline of software as medical device (SAMD) products aimed at supporting prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of specific clinical conditions.

According to the purpose of our products, we distribute them into three categories (diagnostic, patient follow up, predictive).


COVIA: Detection signature for COVID-19 from CT scans
RADAR-EGFR: Assessing solid tumor Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor status via radiomics
LUNATE-HPV: Solid tumor Human papillomavirus status assessment via radiomics 
STELLAR-PDL1: Assessing solid tumor regional PDL1 variability via radiomics 
STRATUS-Hypox: Solid tumor hypoxia status assessment via radiomics 
ASTEROID-Breast: Breast cancer detection and staging via radiomics


aRECIST: automated RECIST
oRECIST: optimized RECIST


SUNDIAL-chemorad: Survival prediction chemoradiotherapy treated NSCLC via radiomics 
In 2020 we prospectively validated SUNDIAL’s performance in the SDC Lung trial (NCT01855191) and we currently are planning a series of clinical trials to demonstrate the value of our other SAMD. 

The first of these trials, namely SALMON, will be launched in Q2 of 2021.