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  • January 26th, 2021
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OncoRadiomics becomes Radiomics

With great enthusiasm and pride, the OncoRadiomics team today unveils the company's new brand identity: ‘Radiomics’.

Press release

OncoRadiomics becomes Radiomics

With great enthusiasm and pride, the OncoRadiomics team today unveils the company's new brand identity: ‘Radiomics’. A new name that does not leave anything to chance, it is linked to the positive development of the Liège-based start-up, its leading position in the radiomics market, its growth objectives and its global ambitions.

With this new brand identity, the Liège-based company aims to build upon the vision of its founders, today the company wishes to go further, pursue its growth, and maintain its leadership in the radiomics market. Since its foundation in 2016, the company has been greatly diversified, and its service offerings have expanded. "Our new website and our new brand identity better reflect our current positioning as a leader in the radiomics market,"explains Wim Vos, CEO of Radiomics. “They also demonstrate the full lifecycle of the services we provide to our partners around the world."

What is radiomics ?

The founders of our start-up invented the concept of radiomics. “By changing our trade name, we want to measure up to their groundbreaking work, while preparing our business for the successes yet to come”. This new name also reflects the intellectual property of the trademark Radiomics®, a direct association between the services offered and the company. “Even if oncology remains one of our main focuses, our objective is to develop radiomics applications in different fields. Our work during the pandemic has proven our potential in the respiratory field with our leadership of the European IMI project Dragon, which develops patient-centered clinical decision-support systems and enables the improvement of Covid-19 diagnosis and treatment. Other opportunities in different therapeutic areas convinced us to broaden the horizon. "

New logo, new website

The new Radiomics logo gives a clear vision of its positioning. The additional, accurate, and actionable insights gained via a radiomic analysis facilitate our clients’ decision-making processes in drug development and patient management. “We have made extensive work to fit our logo to this vision. We wanted to have it in small letters to convey our values of customer friendliness, expeditious and “no-fuss” while remaining innovative and a team player. The box icon can be read two ways: inside-out where, through our expertise we can reveal the large amounts of information contained in the box but also as outside-in where, through our problem-solving expertise we transform a complex and chaotic situation into objective and useful evidence."

Radiomics in few words

Oncoradiomics is a next generation Belgian company, a spin-off from Maastricht University founded in 2016. Its core business is radiomics applied to various therapeutic areas thanks to its proprietary medical image analysis technology. Radiomics focuses on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of medical images to help, on the one hand, hospitals in the optimal care of patients and, on the other hand, pharmaceutical companies in the optimal development of new treatments.

In 2021, Radiomics will launch its first clinical product in the US and European markets and expects to double its current team of around 30 members.
Radiomics SA, Clos Chanmurly, 13, 4000 Liège, 04/229 22 80, www.radiomics.bio, [email protected] 

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